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Zen of Crosshatch

I’ve been doing this lately. A lot. I used to crosshatch all the time in the old days, when I had nothing but time on my hands. Not so much anymore. It’s hard to get enough hours in the day to fill a piece of paper with crosshatching.

But since I have an excuse (that would be The Sketchbook Project) I’m not only making the time, but remembering how much fun it is to make lines over and over and over…. No, really, it is fun. It completely numbs the mind from worrying about how the drawing is turning out and allows the hand to just go on without direction. I can actually read my accounting textbooks while crosshatching—I just have to look down now and then to make sure I’m still on the paper.

Of course, in spite of all this zen I need to send this book off in about a week, and I’ve still got the covers to do. So maybe it’s time for concentration!


The Art of Internal Editing

For NaNoWriMo you’re supposed to write 2,000 words a day. I wonder if it counts if you keep rewriting the same 2,000 word section. Damn internal editors!

These editors work away at artists, too. When I was in high school I used to draw during lunch and my friends were always amused at how often I would draw a line and erase it, draw another line and erase it. Sometimes I’d do nothing but draw the same line over and over for the whole period. That line had to be perfect, dammit, or there was just no way to go on!

Then one of my friends challenged me to start drawing with a ball-point pen. No more erasing! It was paralyzing. My pen hovered over the paper, twitching, because I knew whatever happened, it was permanent. But it was silly to just sit there, so eventually I made a mark. And, of course, it was all wrong. So I made more marks to try to fix it and then I was drawing—well, making a mess that I called a drawing…of a bush…possibly a rock…. At any rate, it started a period were I worked in nothing but ball-point, which graduated to dip-pen and then to technical pens. And I left the eraser at home.

ball-point shack

Working lunch