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Zen of Crosshatch

I’ve been doing this lately. A lot. I used to crosshatch all the time in the old days, when I had nothing but time on my hands. Not so much anymore. It’s hard to get enough hours in the day to fill a piece of paper with crosshatching.

But since I have an excuse (that would be The Sketchbook Project) I’m not only making the time, but remembering how much fun it is to make lines over and over and over…. No, really, it is fun. It completely numbs the mind from worrying about how the drawing is turning out and allows the hand to just go on without direction. I can actually read my accounting textbooks while crosshatching—I just have to look down now and then to make sure I’m still on the paper.

Of course, in spite of all this zen I need to send this book off in about a week, and I’ve still got the covers to do. So maybe it’s time for concentration!


City Streets Again

Side Street: Looking down from the window of an office building near downtown Detroit.

Here’s another painting done from the Great Detroit Photo Shoot With Mom. Now that I’ve found all those pictures again I’m itching to try new things. Really, though, I need to get other, more mundane things done, like updating the Etsy shop and thinking about Christmas. Yes, Christmas. Do I send out cards to business contacts this year? And which contacts? And shouldn’t I start thinking about actually making a Christmas card for said contacts if I decide to send cards to them? Decisions, decisions….