The Good…The Bad…The Ugly

The problem with doing hand-made Christmas cards is…they’re hand-made. Which means that some most of them don’t look that great.

Christmas cards

They don't all turn out that well.

bad Christmas card

See? Not exactly "perfect."

This is fine for the cards I’m sending to family and friends, because, hey, they’re supposed to be glad to get any cards at all, right? And it’s the thought that counts anyway, right? But what about cards I’m sending to business associates? Most of them are people I only “know” by email and telephone. Are they going to get a much-less-than-perfect card and think “Wow, a hand-made Christmas card! Neat!” or “Wow, is this supposed to look so…sloppy?”

So now I have to wonder: hand-made or digitally enhanced. Which is better?


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