Thoughts About Rocks

I was out hiking today and took some pictures of rocks, with the thought of maybe drawing them someday. I don’t draw enough rocks. I know this because I have a lot of trouble with them. I either make them look too much like Styrofoam pieces or I get so caught up in the details that they end up looking like flat patterns on the paper. It’s hard to break them down into drawable things; they’re like little planets with all their canyons and plains and valleys.

rock from antarctica

Does this really say "rock?"

There are a lot of things I’m not good at drawing: rocks, bushes, dogs, cats, people…the list goes on. So do I practice drawing these things until I get good at all of them? Or am I missing some natural talent (like drawing people—I swear there’s a gene for that!) so that I will forever be substandard when it comes to drawing certain things? I wonder a lot about this. I mean, I was always good at writing English papers, but I was lousy at math. I knew people who were great at math, but couldn’t put a sentence together for anything. Is the brain really wired that way, so you’re good at some things, but not at others? Is it worthwhile, then, to try to get good at the things you’re bad at? Or are you just hopelessly fighting nature?

I need to go and draw some rocks.


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