Linocut How-To, Part 2

Here are the next steps:

linocut press I use a little press to do the printing. It works better for printing on heavy paper than burnishing.
inking the block I roll out some oil-based ink on a metal plate. The idea is to get the ink distributed evenly on the roller.
 inked block Then I roll the ink on the block. It’s impossible to keep ink from getting on some of the higher ridges, but this is block printing! A few stray lines are fine.
 ready to press After the paper is on the press, I drop the block in position. Then I push down on the press handle to make the print. It takes about a minute of pressure to make a good print on the card.
finished print And here’s the finished print!

That’s it! I usually make a dozen or so prints at a time, which is about all I can handle before my arms wear out. Pushing down on the press handle takes some effort—otherwise, the print comes out spotty. Cleaning up takes solvents, such as mineral spirits, applied with a rag.

Check out the print here!


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