Linocut How-To, Part 1

Since I’m in the middle of it, I thought I’d put up the steps I take in making linocut cards. This is one I did a while back.

drawing for print First, I start with a drawing. I make it simple because I’ll be cutting this out line by line.
 transfer the drawing Then I transfer it to the block the old-fashioned way–graphite. Now you can see why I want to keep it simple.
 start cutting Here’s where I start cutting out the design. Tedious? Yes, but there’s the occasional quick stabbing pain when the cutting tool slips that makes it so much more exciting!
 still cutting Yes, still cutting. I want to make it deep enough that the ink won’t run into places where it’s not supposed to be.
cutting done Done with cutting at last! Here’s where the hand vacuum comes in handy, to clean up all those little shreds.

Next time, the ink and finish!


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