New Idea Dilemma

I had the greatest idea last night for a drawing: I looked up and saw the full moon, ever-so-slightly-hazy in the clouds, with a giant ring around it. Jupiter was just off to the right, within the ring. I so want to draw this!!

ring around moon

My sketch of my hot new idea. Only it'll be hotter.

So, why not? Well, it’s joining half a dozen other ideas that I’m working on at the moment, and I keep thinking I should finish the others before I start a new one.

This is something I’ve always had trouble with. If I start working on a hot new idea, chances are whatever I was working on before is going to be forgotten until the drive behind it is gone and I put it away unfinished. But if I let the hot new idea sit until I’m done with the current one, it cools off to the point that I start thinking it’s not such a great idea after all. Plus, the current work seems to pale in contrast to the new idea and ends up in the storage room anyway. So on one hand I have a ton of half-finished pieces in my storage room, and on the other…well, I have a ton of half-finished pieces in my storage room.

There has to be a better way.

Maybe if I came up with a rating system for the new ideas so I could judge which ones really warranted the “hot” status and could bump everything else. But what to base the judgement on? How much other people like the idea? How likely I am to be able to pull it off? Potential success of hot idea minus potential success of current idea equals best prospect?

I wish it could all come down to some equation like that. Unfortunately, the decision has to be made by what my gut tells me. Even if it’s wrong.


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