I got absolutely nothing done today except…yardwork. Never…ending…yardwork. But I thought about drawing. I made a list in my head of things I’d like to draw someday. And since the yardwork involved trimming palo verde trees, they made it to the list. For anyone who hasn’t ever seen a palo verde tree, they look like a giant mass of green twigs stuck in the ground. They  don’t have much form, but they have a lot of lines, and I keep thinking of ways show that without scribbling madly all over the paper. Most time when I see them in paintings (such as the cool one on this site) they’re done more as abstract design, which does a great job of showing that they’re trees—but I’d like to try one with all the twigs, just the same. I like all those little lines.

Palo verde tree sketch

No, this is not a dead tree; palo verdes look like this when they're alive, too. And, yes, it is mostly me scribbling madly.


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