That All-Important Refrigerator Door

refrigerator door

Back in the good old days I’d run to Mom with my little drawings and she’d stick them on the refrigerator door with magnets. That was the pinnacle of the art scene when I was a little kid—having my stuff up on the refrigerator door. It made me special.

As a kid I found it easy to believe that I was a great artist. Now I know I’m not. That’s not low self-esteem or fake humility or anything like that—it’s a fact . And how do I know it? That gigantic refrigerator door known as the Internet. Everyone’s art is up there, from all over the world, and a Google image search or a browse through an art site like RedBubble can expose you to an amazing selection of jaw-dropping talent. And these aren’t necessarily professional studio artists, but people just like me, who like to draw in their spare time, who haven’t studied art exclusively, who have day jobs that may not be remotely creative.

It’s humbling and discouraging and wildly inspiring all at the same time. I look at what they’ve done and think I could never do anything as imaginative. But then I start itching to try so I can get something really cool out there. Because the pinnacle of the art scene is still the refrigerator door—and it’s on the Internet for the whole world to see!


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