Making the Effort

It’s National-Novel-Writing, Blog-Posting, Write-Something-Whatever-It-Is-Just-Write month, so I’m giving myself a challenge to write every day for 30 days, no matter what. I’m not giving myself a word limit because that will put me right out of contention at the start—I hate word limits! But I’m going to get something down every day. It really shouldn’t be that hard since I was an English major in college many years ago, before I got into all this art stuff. But, then, I got into the art stuff because writing was a hell of a lot of work and drawing seemed to get the job done much more quickly. Well, maybe I should add a picture every day, too.

The point of all this is consistency. Not consistent style or even quality, but just consistently producing. Words making sentences, lines making pictures, whatever. As long as I’m making the effort, I’m in the game. And it’s always an effort, even when it’s something I really want to do—it’s an effort to make the time, an effort to convince myself it’s worthwhile, an effort to keep from killing the idea before it gets out of my head. It’s always so much easier to do one more chore or read one more blog or make one more to-do list. For this month, though, I’m going to make the effort.

So, here we have words. And lines.



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