Things Done While Waiting…

Page from my sketchbook

A page from my sketchbook, done while sitting in a waiting room. Well, I guess it was several waiting rooms over the course of a few months, but this was how I passed the time. Waiting rooms are the best places to do mindless things that serve no real purpose other than…well…being mindless. You don’t want to get lost in doing anything important because invariably someone will call your name and A) you don’t hear it and you miss your appointment, or B) it takes you 15 minutes to get all your stuff put away…and you miss your appointment. Doing something mindless lets part of your brain keep track of what’s going on while not totally wasting the time—because at the end of it all you have a page full of little ink lines which is proof that you did something, even if it was just moving your hand in tiny fractional amounts every second. Which, I suppose, could count for a lot of people as time wasted…doing something mindless.


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