Am I Getting Paid for This?

Wheat Field
I was looking through some old junk in the back room—okay, it was my old portfolio from college—and I was struck by the sheer amount of stuff I used to draw. A lot of it is unfinished, and maybe for good reason, but what’s impressive is the amount of time I was willing to put into drawing. I mean, look at this thing. How many hours did I spend on it? And what was it for? The reason behind it is long gone. Or maybe there was no reason behind it. Maybe I just felt like drawing wheat. I used to do things like that. The question is why don’t I do that now?

Somewhere along the line, I got the bug that Wasting Time Is Bad—Wasting Time being anything that didn’t pay bills or keep the house clean. So somehow spending hours cleaning the house was better than spending hours drawing things. Just looking at that sentence makes me feel stupid.

And paying bills…well, that’s a necessity. But there’s no point in going overboard.

I sometimes get paid to do illustrations or production work, and sometimes, like now, I even almost somewhat make a living from it. But the skills picked up from doing illustrations pale next to the skills I learned while making and wrecking art back in school—like figuring out how to hide the long jagged line after dropping a loaded pen on an almost-finished drawing.

Moral? Blowing a day filling up a piece of paper with wheat just might be the best use of my time. Maybe I should do it more often.


One response

  1. Great piece.

    September 22, 2011 at 4:45 am

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